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The Rowsome Uilleann Pipe Quartet

The original Rowsome uilleann pipe quartet was started by Leo and his brother Tom in the 1920's. 

The quartet made regular broadcasts on Radio and performed throughout the country and the UK.

The quartet consisted of many different pipers over this time, including

Leo Rowsome, Tom Rowsome, Leon Rowsome,

Tommy Reck, Willie Clancy, Sean Seery,

Eddie Potts, Michael Paidin, Michael Tuohy, Dave Page

Rowsome Quartet 2016
Rowsome Quartet 2011 - NPU Ace & Duece of Piping Concert, Liberty Hall, Dublin
(left to right Mick O'Brien, Kevin Rowsome, Denis Brooks, Leo Rickard)

Quartet Radio Broadcast Program 1949


One of the first photos of the quartet
Left to Right (Michael Paidin, Leo Rowsome, Tom Rowsome, Eddie Potts)



Photo of the quartet  c.1952
Left to Right top row (Sean Seery, Willie Clancy) bottom row (Leo Rowsome, Leon Rowsome)