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The Rowsome Quartet
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4th Generation (Rowsome Uilleann Pipers)
Leon Rowsome
   4th Generation - Leon Rowsome


Leon Rowsome (1936 - 1994)

A school teacher by profession, Leon was an extremely accomplished uilleann piper. He made two solo uilleann pipes recordings.  

Leon also played piano and piano accordion with the Ballinamere and the Blackthorn Céilí Band.

Leon carried on the tradition of uilleann piping and pipemaking in the Rowsome family

After Leo's death in 1970. Leon took on Leo's roles making pipes and teaching pipe in the College of Music and the Piper Club. 


Leon Rowsome - Treoir 1971


Leon &  Liam Rowsome -Gormanston, Co Meath (early 1970's).

Ballinamere Céilí Band - (Leon-Piano) 

img/Leo-youngLeon.JPG (34233 bytes)
Leo, Leon c.1945

img/leon-young.JPG (11312 bytes)

 Leon c.1946

Leon& Vincent Broderick  c.1972

Leon Liam Rowsome -  Jurys Hotel Dublin 1967

Leon Liam Rowsome Embankment, Dublin 1976

Leon, pictured in 1970 with Mick Touhy with uilleann piping class

Front – Ciaran McKenna. 
Middle -Leon Rowsome, unknown. Lonan Byrne?, Donncha O’Briain, Mick Touhy. 
Back -Micheal O’Briain, Gabriel McKeon, Eamonn Lane, Terry Mohan, Peter McKenna, Kevin McKenna. Michael Bryson. 

Photo courtesy Micheal  Bryson. 

Leon Rowsome - Treoir 1994
Click  HERE to view this edition of Treoir.
Link -->  http://comhaltasarchive.ie/system/documents/CPP/TRE-1994-2/TRE-1994-2.original.pdf

Record Sleeve - made by Comhaltas featuring Leon Rowsome

Leon's album cover - made c.1970 on the Glenside label (Waltons)


img/leon-obit-npu.JPG (83618 bytes)
Article in the NPU newsletter 1994



LiamRowsomeTheManIKnew1 LiamRowsomeTheManIKnew2
"Leo Rowsome - The Man I Knew" Published by Liam Rowsome 1995





Foreward to the book "The man I knew" 

Article written by Liam Rowsome about piper Tommy Reck

LeoHRSC.JPG (17339 bytes)
Leo Rowsome, Helena Rowsome (Grimes) and Seamus Connolly