1 x Rowsome Tradition CD (includes worldwide postage)


As well as a dozen tracks of his own high-quality piping, Kevin’s debut album includes six archive tracks featuring Leo Rowsome and his two sons. All this is squeezed into 53 minutes, with very informative notes and some old family photographs. There’s a broad range of traditional tunes here, from seventeenth-century compositions to tunes written in living memory, all great melodies which fit comfortably on the pipes. Kevin plays three sets of uilleann pipes, in C, C# and D, each producing a different tone. His playing is a pleasing combination of the fluid and staccato styles. Accompaniment is appropriately sparse; the tunes speak for themselves, and the mixture of reels, jigs, hornpipes and airs gives plenty of variety. Well-known pieces such as ‘The Broken Pledge’ and ‘The Wexford Hornpipe’ are treated very nicely here.  The link with previous generations of pipers is amply illustrated by the inclusion of six tracks from the fifties and sixties. These feature Leo, Leon and Liam Rowsome on amateur recordings. The two fiddle solos from Liam which end this album are quite remarkable for the time, but the quality of the other four archive tracks is only enough to whet the appetite.